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 Add Some Spice to Your Looks by Choosing the Apt Body Piercing That Suits Your Personality

Though body piercings have been in practice since ancient years, its popularity remains unfazed in the 21st century. They are no more a symbol of rebellion. It is part of the fashion statement. Today, they are flaunted by fashionistas all around the world. Start by deciding which body part you want to get pierced.

A professional piercer would offer suggestions about which one suits your lifestyle and work environment. There are many reputable piercing shops in Bloomington, MN like Almost Famous piercing studio. Their branches are located at prime busy locations and easy to spot. You aren’t required to make prior appointments. Just walk in and specify your requirements.

Round-up of the different piercings:

Facial piercing: They are the most visible type of piercing. There are a wide range of options starting from the eyebrows and extending all the way down to your chin.

There are:

  • Eyebrow and anti-eyebrow piercing
  • Eyelid piercing
  • Nose-specific nostril and bridge piercings
  • Multiple piercings on your outer and inner ears
  • Cheek piercings

Oral piercings: It refers to the area surrounding the mouth. Munroe piercing is named after Marilyn Munroe, and the left side of upper lip is pierced. Madonna piercing is done on the right side. Piercings along the tongue and centre and sides of the lip are also popular. Failing to follow the piercer’s instructions could result in gum and teeth damage.

Trunk piercings: Trunk piercings are hidden under work attire giving you the liberty of flaunting it only when you want to. Navel piercing is also referred as ‘belly button piercing’ as the jewel piece sits over the bellybutton. Nipple piercings are usually done horizontally. The healing period is longest for navel and nipple piercings and takes anywhere between 6 months and 1 year. Both these piercings are visible when you dress up in appropriate clothing like bath suit.

Male and female genital piercing: Both are discreet and heal quickly when cared for properly. Few styles for men are done on the penis’ shaft and for women piercings are done in the inner and outer labia. The piercer will go ahead with genital piercing only after making sure the person’s anatomy is suitable for piercing. The person inspects you during consultation to confirm the same.

Though the piercing trends keep evolving, the art of body adornment is sure to stay. Experiment more and stand out of the crowd.

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