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Did You Know About the Most Hurtful Type of Body Piercing?

Body piercing sure hurts. I do not want to sugar coat this fact. However, this fact is very well known among body piercing lovers and enthusiasts. Despite that, it never stops them from loving or wanting this trendy way of self-expression.

If you have been wanting to get a body piercing done and if you have questions about it, you can pay a visit to the Almost Famous piercing shop at Rimrock Mall or any of their other locations to get a free consultation about body piercing types that suits you the most and what is the most or the least painful type of body piercing.

If you catch the sudden spree of getting it done, you are most welcome there because they operate based on walk-ins and not based on prior appointments. You only satisfy the basic mandatory criteria of carrying your ID and you are all set. You can get your first body piercing done from the most talented skilled and trained piercers.

How painful is body piercing?

Each one has a different tolerance level for pain. Usually, tongue, eyebrow, navel and earlobe piercings are least painful. Cartilage, nostril, septum, make intimate piercings and dermal piercings are generally of medium level pain. The most painful piercings include female sensitive areas like intimate and nipple piercings.  Pain is not just physical, but it’s also mental. So, experts suggest that people who plan to get body piercing done should stay calm when they arrive for the appointment.

From the least to the most painful piercings

All the piercings are painful. Having said that many times in this article, now these are some generalizations based on common opinions. This is not a hard and fast rule and always opinions are subject to change.

Some piercings like the common earlobe piercings, eyebrow piercings, naval piercing and the tongue piercing are the least painful. Some other piercings like the labret, dermal, septum, nostrils, male intimate piercings and the cartilage piercing are known to be moderately painful.

The most painful experiences will be resulting from the nipple piercings and the piercings on the intimate areas of the female body.

Yet, the best part is that people love to get it done despite pain. This sure is not the worst pain that you will be experiencing. However, being prepared always helps and in this case, bitter truth is better than a sweet lie, but it can help you mentally to prepare for it.

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