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Six Tips when Preparing and Caring for your New Piercing

If you have been considering getting a piercing, you need to prepare yourself to brave the pain. But, before you head to a piercing salon, make sure you know how to prepare and care for your new bling.

The guide below will be of great help to you:

Get a Vibe of the Salon

As you walk into a piercing salon, get a vibe of the place. If you get a bad vibe, this could be a bad sign. Try to get recommendations from your friends who have had piercings before. Do your homework and ask around before you take the plunge.

Go there Alone

If you will be ready to get a body piercing in Billings, ditch the idea of bringing along someone for moral support. Usually, it is better to be alone to make it easier for your piercer to connect with you and keep your energy under control. But, make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat a balanced meal before your appointment.

Keep your Piercing Clean

It is easy to clean a piercing; however, you must develop an after-care regimen you can stick to. While your body repairs itself after a piercing, you must help it out. Thus, use soap and water or saline solution for cleaning the piercing and the area that surrounds it. Consider cleaning it two times a day.

Use Ice to Reduce Swelling

Make sure to apply ice to the pierced area while you travel. The ice can prevent the piercing from swelling.

Avoid Touching the Piecing Frequently while Healing

After getting pierced, it is easy to get tempted to touch it frequently. In fact, you have probably heard from your friends or family to rotate your jewelry as the piecing will fuse to your body when you don’t move it around. However, touching the piercing 24/7 is not really necessary. The only time you have to do this is to break up the scabbing that forms. Ensure the tunnel is always clean and use soap and water to get to it.

Be Patient

You will want to enjoy the new look your piercing may give you. But, you must be patient. Let your original earrings stay for at least two months before taking them out. Keep in mind that it can take time for your body to determine what to do with a foreign object. Thus, just sit tight and wait it out.

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