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Ultimate Tips to buy men’s diamond engagement ring

Engagement is a formal commitment to get married. An Engagement is a Special occasion where the men and women exchange rings. If you are planning to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring there are plenty of collections of diamond rings in the market as well as in online stores. In this article we are talking about tips on how to choose an engagement ring for your partner.

You should aware of his ring size

Whether it is a gold ring or diamond ring one can wear it only if it fits perfectly otherwise all the money you’ve spent on it goes down the drain. Just imagine the situation when you are sliding in the engagement ring and it refuses to fit, it’s hilarious to look at but equally awkward to be in. So be careful and select a suitable size diamond ring for him by asking his mom or friends or you can take an old ring of his.

Another bonus tip right here: engagement ring which hand, is it worn on for men? It is the same as women’s; left hands fourth finger. But mostly, guys don’t wear a ring on their ring finger. And measurement of the finger is not the same for right and left hands, so it will definitely be difficult for you to find out the right size.

Plan your budget before buying a diamond ring

If you have decided to buy a diamond ring, then the second thing you need to consider is the cost. How much money you are going to spend on it? Diamond rings are always attractive but no matter how attractive they are, it’s not worth going into a debt.

Know his personal style

Not every man likes a large diamond and not every man wants a simple design. Remember that you are buying it for your partner and not for you. So know about his selection of things, do he like simple one’s or lavish ones, based on his choice choose one of the best diamond rings for him. Men and women don’t have the same style so try asking his best friend for some advice, if it’s a surprise.

4 “C’s of Diamonds 

To begin with, bring down the Clarity. You can go as low as VS2 . Next, bring down the Color. Take a look at the shading tips and you can go as low as H. Finally, bring down the Cut. You can go as low as you’d like. It doesn’t often occur to most people that the stuff they like is in their price range. It’s just a very rare thing to happen (at least for me though). But if it’s the same case for you then, all of it comes down to how creative and imaginative you are. Just play with different types of shapes, metals, stones until you find the perfect fit.

Special meaning 

When there’s additional feeling and meaning behind your ring, it makes one world of a difference. Now, it’s time for you to remember and jot down all of the special and memorable moments of your relationship. Just take one aspect that will remind you of that particular day, it might be the date of the day or any activity you’ve done on the day. It’s all about how the ring means a lot to you, it should not only be because it’s an engagement ring, but because of the story it tells.

Conclusion: The first thing you should consider is the choice of your partner. Find out about their style and get the engagement ring that will fit their style perfectly.

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